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Following the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, fully one-third of all "independent" spending in the 2010 midterms came from secret sources and their corporate front groups.

We're gearing up to re-introduce and pass the DISCLOSE Act -- to finally force corporations to disclose their political spending. But we need a groundswell of support to show our colleagues in Congress that the American people haven't forgotten about the need to pass the DISCLOSE Act.

Please become a citizen co-sponsor today.

Chuck Schumer
U.S. Senator

Patrick Leahy
U.S. Senator

Sheldon Whitehouse
U.S. Senator

The DISCLOSE Act legislation will address seven major points:

1. Enhance Disclaimers
Make CEOs and other leaders take responsibility for their ads.

2. Enhance Disclosures
It is time to follow the money.

3. Prevent Foreign Influence
Foreign countries and entities should not be determining the outcome of our elections.

4. Shareholder/Member Disclosure
We should allow shareholders and members to know where money goes.

5. Prevent Government Contractors from Spending
Taxpayer money should not be spent on political ads.

6. Provide the Lowest Unit Rate for Candidates and Parties
Special interests should not drown out the voices of the people.

7. Tighten Coordination Rules
Corporations should not be able to “sponsor” a candidate.

Citizen co-sponsors:

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Congress must limit the damage done by the Supreme Court's misguided Citizens United v. FEC decision and combat unregulated corporate influence over elections by passing the DISCLOSE Act. (View co-sponsors)
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85894 Mon Jul 25 21:18:24 EDT 2011 Barbara Stoehr
85893 Mon Jul 25 17:40:07 EDT 2011 Kenneth Weber The Corporate world has done nothing but rape the United States and it's people while demanding lower taxes for themselves. Enough Is Enough.
85892 Mon Jul 25 16:39:15 EDT 2011 Donna Alexander Let's have individual citizens decide our elections, not big business and corporations with their self-interests in mind!
85891 Mon Jul 25 11:07:23 EDT 2011 Nancy Beers
85890 Mon Jul 25 09:45:29 EDT 2011 Pete & Sue Schmidt We need this legisslation to keep corporations and the Supreme Court from Running and Ruining OUR goverment.
85889 Sun Jul 24 12:09:54 EDT 2011 Soney Wadford What do they have to hide if they do not want to disclose...?
85888 Sat Jul 23 15:42:19 EDT 2011 John Mackenzie
85887 Sat Jul 23 09:59:45 EDT 2011 Amy Elston
85886 Thu Jul 21 22:51:43 EDT 2011 Helga morton I would not give you the time of day
your bad for the country
85885 Thu Jul 21 22:51:04 EDT 2011 Helga morton I would not give you the time of day
your bad for the country
85884 Thu Jul 21 17:47:10 EDT 2011 William Gellermann The Disclosure Act will help us move toward a government that works for us all.
85883 Thu Jul 21 10:11:25 EDT 2011 Robert Comerford Fight corporate influence over elections.
85882 Tue Jul 19 12:21:30 EDT 2011 Judith & George Cohen Absolutely necessary!!! Go Senator Whitehouse
85881 Tue Jul 19 09:11:40 EDT 2011 Barbara Schneiders
85880 Tue Jul 19 09:10:52 EDT 2011 Barbara Schneiders
85879 Mon Jul 18 19:35:47 EDT 2011 Anonymous
85878 Fri Jul 15 23:35:47 EDT 2011 Kevin Manuel
85877 Thu Jul 14 00:13:56 EDT 2011 Brian Krahmer
85876 Wed Jul 13 21:03:28 EDT 2011 Susan Thompson
85875 Wed Jul 13 14:19:43 EDT 2011 Colin Demeyer
85874 Wed Jul 13 13:14:10 EDT 2011 Shawn Demeyer We have to stop the buying of our elections by the 1% rich or foreign entities.
85873 Wed Jul 13 01:24:07 EDT 2011 Anonymous we need to regain some common sense in our leadership and eliminate the craziness that has taken over. SSGT USAF
85872 Wed Jul 13 01:02:13 EDT 2011 Anonymous
85871 Tue Jul 12 22:51:17 EDT 2011 Jordan T Free speech does not equal hidden money. And there are limits to how much money a person is supposed to donate to a candidate. Special interests seeking to spend more than their share need to speak out More....
85870 Tue Jul 12 19:16:29 EDT 2011 Anonymous
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